Hand-Built Retaining Walls

Welcome to our website. My name is Duwayne Keefe and our Yeppoon business of 27 years specializes in jobs for domestic and commercial landscaping and hand-built retaining walls. I am a qualified local tradesman with more than 31 years’ experience in landscaping and retaining wall building. To know more about me, click here

Austral Masonry MagnumStone

We are very proud to be the first tradesmen in Queensland to use the new MagnumStone from Austral Masonry. Hand-built retaining walls look spectacular when completed, improving your property and increasing the value.  Click here to view it.

National Masonry Keystone

We are also proud to have one of our keystone projects featured in the National Masonry product guide. Big Wall Builders using a Keystone product on an interlocking pin system in Yeppoon. Click here to view it.

We build your projects and our reputation!

We have a network of trusted trades
in which we draw on to deliver our multi trade works.

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