Adbri Masonry

Keppel Coast Paving and Keppel Coast Big Wall Builders use Adbri Masonry's products for your landscaping projects. 

Vertica is a heavy duty near vertical retaining wall system that can be built to great heights in both residential and commercial applications.There are two colour options in Sandstone and Charcoal. 

   Below are pics taken of a project being built by Big Wall Builders and Keppel Coast Paving using Adbri Masonry products. 

  This product is 'Natural Impressions' and can improve the landscaping at your property.
  Just give Duwayne a call on 0412 581 081 and ask his advice for improving your landscaping. 

                                      Wall built by KCP using Natural Impressions Wall built by KCP using Natural Impressions Almost ready for the proud owner to add greenery 

                                                                Small retaining garden wall built by Big Wall Builders Yeppoon. 

                                                                                     Mailbox and walls proudly built by Big Wall Builders

                                                                                                    Mailbox and wall built by Duwayne, Keppel Coast Paving

                                                                 Funky mailbox built by Keppel Coast Paving                          

                                                                     Funky mailbox built and designed by Duwayne from Keppel Coast Paving



 Cut Diamond is available in four colours of MTO-Oatmeal, MTO-Sunstone, MTO-Terracotta and Charcoal. 



                                   Cut Diamond Terracotta                                                    Cut Diamond Charcoal                                                     Cut Diamond Sunstone

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