Claypave Paving Jobs2

Claypave Paving Jobs

Claypave paving jobs are built with only top quality products. In fact, Keppel Coast Paving often use Claypave products for their client's projects. We ensure that your projects will add value to your property.

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The Claypave paving range of natural clay pavers last longer and are kiln fired for staying strong and being salt safe. They are slip resistant and are made for the Aussies lifestyle. Consumers have a large range of colours and sizes from which to choose. Claypave's pavers jobs have a proven record for standing the test of time in businesses and homes around the country. Clay is sourced locally to make the colour range which looks good through rain, hail or hot blazing sun.

Claypave Paving Range

The following ranges that have a bevelled edge are:

  • Smooth finish
  • Wirecut finish
  • Regal range
  • Regency range

If the consumer is wanting a bolder look, then check out the large format pavers or select from the following:

  • Cobble, Bullnose, Channels, Edges and Curbs, Tuscans and Splits

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Here are images of a paved fern house by Keppel Coast Paving.
In addition, using Claypave products for pool coping and paving in a Boutique style backyard looks spectacular. Our clients are happy with their Claypave paving jobs.

Claypave Paving Jobs

Pool Coping looks really great after Keppel Coast Paving have completed their job for the client. Time to invite the family and friends around for a swim. Also show off your new fernhouse at the same time.


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