Drainage Solutions

Poor Drainage is UNACCEPTABLE.

Here are photos taken of poor drainage work done by a competitive business.


 Poor drainage work done by another builder    Poor drainage work done by competitive builder
 Poor drainage is unacceptable.    Rainwater should never gush through a retaining wall

 These are a few of the products used in drainage solutions for projects. 

Terradrain is a non-woven geotextile, which when covering a dimpled plastic sheet, prevents dirt from covering the drainage sheet. This causes an air gap for good ventilation and creates an inflow and can easily catch and move high volumes of water and resists large loads from formwork and earth.

 J-Drain Strip Filters help in agricultural pipe drainage; shotcrete wall drainage; road edge drainage; sports field drainage and Strip filters provide site water drainage. Strip Filters are made from HDPE plastic core encapsulated in a non-woven getotextile, with typical cross-sectional sizes.

Drainage Cell is used for draining vertical and horizontal structures and it is a 30 millimetre light interlocking plastic structural module. Drainage cell is used for landscape decks, planter boxes, roof gardens and also behind block retaining walls. 


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