Keppel Coast Paving and Big Wall Builders Suppliers

We value our suppliers who provide our business with all the necessary products that we need for you, our client.
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Austral Masonry
Located in Parkhurst Rockhampton - Austral Masonry are the suppliers and producers of Masonry products such as Magnum Stone, Rockblock, Rockpave, Rockwall, Rockbrick, and Mortarless Blocks. These Blocks, Pavers, Retaining wall systems, Brick and Mortarless Blocks, as well as garden edging products, supply local builders, bricklayers, landscapers, and tradespeople.

Apex Masonry Pty Ltd
Suppliers of concrete blocks, coloured blocks, garden edging and paving, engineered concrete retaining wall systems, concrete masonry render brick, grey concrete masonry block, and much more.

National Masonry Pty Ltd 
National Masonry’s variety of textured surfaces, patterns, and colours give Keppel Coast Paving the right products to offer you for your next small or large project.

Austral Bricks & Pavers Pty Ltd
Pavers that are essential for any outdoor project and are artfully crafted to suit any setting.

Capricorn Sandstone Quarries Pty Ltd
Located in Rockhampton - Supply hydrasplit blocks, random boulders and random square boulders, square-cut boulders, and large squat blocks, and much more.

Concrib provides solutions for a wide variety of earth stabilisation and soil retention projects and are a pioneer of concrete crib walls in Australia.

Lifestyle Landscaping
Located in Yeppoon, Qld - Stock the largest range of pavers, feature stone cladding and retaining wall products in Central Queensland.

Villastone are suppliers of pavers in many different colours, types, textures, and sizes to suit every homeowner.

Adbri Masonry Pty Ltd
Australia's leading masonry manufacturer and supplier provide concrete bricks, pavers, Besser blocks and concrete blocks, permeable pavements, retaining wall blocks, reconstituted stone wall cladding, architectural concrete masonry, erosion control products.

Stonehaven Masonry
The stone specialists, based at Bouldercombe, Qld. They pride themselves in providing a high caliber of customer service while supplying the largest range of premium quality Australian and Imported stone throughout Central Queensland and surrounding areas.


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