Exterior Staircases and Steps

Exterior Staircases and Steps by Keppel Coast Paving Yeppoon

Exterior staircases and steps are built in all styles and designs. Whether you are wanting a small staircase or large multi-level staircase, give Duwayne a call to see what affordable and innovative design solutions we can come up with for you. We are always happy to discuss whatever style and size you are wanting and give a no-obligation quote. Exterior staircases and steps can be built in many different styles. In fact, there is a large choice of either pavers, tiles or blocks. These are available in all colours, shapes, and sizes using various products. Duwayne caters to his client's needs and requirements. If you live on the Capricorn Coast, or Rockhampton and surrounding areas, call Duwayne on 0412 581 081 for a free quote.

Renewing old steps by Keppel Coast Paving Yeppoon
Tips from Apex Masonry on cleaning stone

Dry Brushing

Dry hand brushes from small soft to hard scrubbing brushes can be used to remove soft or loose surface deposits such as dust, salts, and weak crusts. However, it is possible that surface deposits of soluble salts will reappear if water enters the surface of permeable masonry and subsequently evaporates from the surface. Repeated dry brushing may eventually arrest the appearance of the salts, but washing will probably be more efficient.

Water Washing

This is one of the gentlest processes available. The use of a bucket and brush or garden hose and brush can generally remove most surface dirt. This will remove surface deposits of soluble salts, but will probably fail to remove hardened calcium carbonate or mortar smears. Soaking with water has been used since Roman times, a slow steady stream of water causes the dirt deposits to swell, loosening their grip on the underlying masonry. Accumulated waters, cascade over the face of the masonry, then wash the loosened dirt away.

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Unlike internal stairs, external stairs must be built to withstand the elements, and using concrete allows for staining, painting, adding a layer of tiles for colour and design, and also allows the designer to mold it to suit the environment. Concrete and stone last far longer and are both cost-effective and also blend in well with the landscaping.

You can relax and stay safe in the knowledge that an exterior staircase or steps will add value to your home and be an asset to be proud of when built by Keppel Coast Paving from Yeppoon. We also work in other areas such as Rockhampton, Emu Park, and Zilzie.

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