Paving Yeppoon

Keppel Coast Paving Yeppoon

Austral Masonry 

Paving Products

Austral Masonry is located in Rockhampton and has many great products. Two types of paving products that we use for paving in Yeppoon are Rockpave and Rockwall.

Rockpave comes in five colours; charcoal, Redwood, Claypan, Beach, and Sandstone.
Rockwall comes in five colours; Sandstone, Outback, Charcoal, Claypan, and Beach.
Tech-Pave 80Tech-Pave 100, Broadway, Camino, Causeway, Harbour Pave, Interlock 80, and Plaza Stone are other types.
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National Masonry 

National Masonry caters to every design scheme, and their collection will give your outdoor area the stylish, individual touch that it has been waiting for. In fact, their range will inspire and stimulate ideas to make your outdoor design dream a reality. The possibilities are endless with National Masonry pavers that come in a range of sizes, colours, and finishes.

Apex Masonry

Apex Masonry supplies Keppel Coast Paving with products for Trendstone jobs1,2,3.

Apex Masonry has a diverse range of landscaping products that cater to every design scheme. This range delivers a mixed style of colour, structure, and functionality. From naturally simple garden edges to decorative retaining walls, small format pavers to large stepping stones. Also, Apex Masonry's variety of options provides everything you need to enhance your outdoor living.

Adbri Masonry

Adbri Masonry for an inspired living is located in North Queensland. Adbri Masonry has a retaining wall for every application. Keppel Coast Paving and Keppel Coast Big Wall Builders work with their brilliant solutions to build a range of retaining walls. In addition, these walls are as practical as they are architecturally inspiring.

Save yourself a lot of gardening and watering by installing paving and improve the aesthetics of your home and gardens.

Paving is bringing the outdoors indoors for entertaining now, and it’s great to have a clean paved area for the BBQ, spa, and pool complex with beautiful garden walls. Make your courtyard a perfect oasis for tranquillity and a sanctuary for yourself.

No project is too small or large for Keppel Coast Paving to tackle and make your home a place to really appreciate and enjoy. Many paving patterns can be laid using stack bond, basket weave, diamond pattern, stretcher bond, 45 and 90-degree herringbone. Using any of these will give your project a different look.

Whether you need a circular garden centerpiece, a driveway, patio, around the pool, or just for garden edging, Keppel Coast Paving will do the job for you. Furthermore, by choosing the correct style of paver, you can get the right effect you want, such as European, Asian, or even a Mediterranean look.


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