Retaining Walls


To prevent soil from collapsing and perhaps damaging property and maybe injuring people, retaining walls are built. The retaining wall supports an excavated or filled embankment and Keppel Coast Paving and Keppel Coast Big Wall Builders construct retaining walls from only quality materials and ensure adequate subsoil drainage. Groundwater that is not drained correctly could cause additional pressure as well. Rock walls are built to be solid.

Earth pressures will move walls forward or overturn them if not correctly built; therefore, the highest consideration is placed on ensuring this never happens. Big Wall Builders design retaining walls to create stability against overturning, excessive pressure, water uplift, and sliding. Our business experiences and qualifications ensure flawlessly built link block  – rock and concrete walls, and other materials.

Apex Masonry supplies us with Trendstone products to build your retaining walls. 

National Masonry supplies us with material such as Keystone to build our retaining walls for your projects. Click HERE  to see examples of our Keystone jobs.

Adbri Masonry is one of our suppliers for building our retaining walls for your projects. Click HERE to see the quality, types, and colours of their products. 

The retaining wall can be constructed using bricks, reinforced concrete, stone, wood or timber logs, and concrete cribs. With timber walls, one must take into consideration, the vulnerability to termite infestation and the weather. Whereas dampness will cause young concrete and lime mortar to strengthen, it will cause timber to rot badly.

Timber walls in central Queensland have a life span of 5 to 10 years and timber wall replacements are common. Years ago, very tall walls were gravity walls built using large amounts of concrete or stone. Nowadays, these retaining walls are more times built as composite gravity walls, and these are known as geosynthetic or with precast facing; crib walls which are cells as in log cabin style built from precast concrete; gabions which are stacked steel wire baskets topped with rocks; or what is known as soil-nailed walls.

These are reinforced dirt walls held in place with steel and concrete rods. The most popular retaining walls are link-block or segmental block walls and these walls come vertical or can lean back slightly. These retaining walls are available in many colours, shapes, and sizes. Keppel Coast Paving and Keppel Coast Big Wall Builders organise the supervision and inspection from an engineer during various stages of construction and obtain a final certificate from a qualified certifier.

You, as the client, can be confident to place your building project in our hands as we are proud to perform a top job with a great finish.


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