Steep Slope Retaining Walls

Steep Slope Retaining Walls

Steep Slope Retaining Walls are built professionally by Big Wall Builders and add value to your property in the Yeppoon and Rockhampton areas. Are you fed up with your topsoil sliding down into the neighbour's yard? Steep slope retaining walls can change that and make you a happy property owner. Contact Duwayne here for a free quote.

River Bank Stabalisation

Types of river bank stabalisation are as follows:-

  • Retaining walls
  • Soil and cement
  • Vegetations
  • Sacks and blocks
  • Mattresses and gabions
  • Windrows and trenches

There are three types of retaining walls and these are:-

  1. Sheet piling walls - easily installed and very workable
  2. Cantilever walls - reinforced concrete is used and an anchor can be used for extra stability
  3. Gravity walls - the size of the structure helps prevent passive and active walls be resistant

Soil and Cement

  • Can be used in sandy soils when vegetation will not grow


  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Great for habitat
  • Lowest cost for riverbank protection measures


  • Filled with cement and soil mixture
  • The cobblestone effect does look good
  • Easier to place on steep slopes


  • Drainage through the openings of cast block
  • Vegetation can grow down through the holes in the blocks to strengthen the bank
  • Easy to walk over
  • Will move to suit small changes in the bank shape

Steep Slope Retaining Walls

Duwayne checking the new retaining wall.

Steep Slope Retaining Walls Yeppoon  Steep Slope Retaining Walls Finished

Mattress Gabions

  • Mattress gabions are tied together to protect the embankment
  • These are placed on a level graded riverbank slope
  • Natural vegetation will probably grow through


  • Gabions are rectangular wire baskets loaded with small stones
  • Gabions are used in corrosive environments and therefore are made from heavy galvanized steel coated with PVC.
  • Gabions are used to keep steep river banks stable
  • Gabions have a good record performance

Windrows and Trenches

  • Windrows are stacking erosion-resistant products on a riverbank
  • Trenches are alike windrows but are buried so as not to be seen
  • Easier to install on steep slopes

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