Products and Services

Our products and services are listed below,
with Project Management for all outdoor projects.


Retaining Walls

  • Link block retaining walls
  • Block retaining walls
  • Dry stacked sandstone and
    armour rock walls with gabion
    baskets and gabion mattresses up to 20 meters high
  • Gabions (stacked steel baskets)
    (Read more about retaining walls)





  Laying paving for the beautification of Yeppoon streets   













Block Fences

  • Concrete block fence
  • Maintenance free
  • Improved durability
  • Adds value to your property
  • Long term investment


External staircases and steps

  Retaining walls for property in Yeppoon


Screw Piers

  • System goes deep in to stabalise foundations
  • Screw piers attached to foundations
  • Inserted using an excavator

     (Read more about screw piers)


  • Clay brick paving
  • Concrete pavers
  • Granite and Limestone
  • Sandstone cut to size or random
  • Circular paving

    (Read more about paving)

Retaining walls with exterior rockblock steps


Steep slope and river bank retaining walls

Custom Work

  • Specialised creative stone work
  • Steps
  • Plan with clients
  • Designed for clients

    (Read more about custom work)

  Laying the foundations of a property

Drainage Solutions

  • Wet areas
  • Water run off
  • Flood work
  • Water diversions
  • KCP can quickly diagnose the problem and design the solution for you. 

    (Read more about drainage solutions)


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